Experimenting drugs on animals is an old and wrong practice

Experimenting drugs on animals is an old and wrong practice

A couple of months ago, I was taking my lunch break at work, when I received a text message from my daughter whose major is Psychology. The text said, “Mom, we are watching a video about animal testing and many of us are in tears. I wished I never saw it.”

I had heard about animal testing before, so my heart shook as I imagined a barbarity was taking place in the video. When I got home, I began to do an online research on You Tube and Peta.org, an organization which protects animal rights, and the more I read and watched videos about the horrifying conditions the poor animals were enduring in the humans’ labs in the name of science, food, make up…, the more disgusted I felt. Cows hanging upside down from their feet; animals being kicked; beaten; burned; raped; medicine being shoved repeatedly in their mouths; a cat with a large thick metal ring around her head for some reason, a hot burning tool nearby a chick!… Was this really called science or pure savagery!? It reminded you of science-fiction movies in which the evil characters inject something in other human beings to alter some part of their brain.

I read 9 out of 10 discoveries tested on animals fail with human. According to Alistair Currie, a scientist, sophisticated computer models, human tissue and cell cultures and smarter, more focused clinical and epidemiological studies can show us more accurately what happens to human bodies with disease.

Some doctors convincingly argue that animal testing saves lives of humans. I agree that human’s life is important, but I have a question for these doctors or so called scientists: How are they going to think of new ways of testing drugs, if they don’t stop testing them on animals!? Unfortunately, the practice has been existed for too long now. The time has advanced and so has technology in a great extent, however animals are still being used as objects for experimentations. I also read that about 12 billion dollar tax money is spent on drug testing on animals every year, and that animal testing is cheaper than other alternative methods-one of the reasons it still continues.

Such a shame!

I am not a doctor, but by experience, I am only able to resolve my own challenges when I’m in the most peaceful state of my mind. By the same token, the greatest discoveries in the world have been done with observation, patience and focus. Savagery, by nature, has never been an ingredient of problem solving strategy. It is time that corporations stop abusing the animals and instead start focusing on the scientific methods that are more effective and humane to test the drugs.

I feel ashamed to be called a human being because of the wild ways we treat innocent creatures who don’t have a voice. I have also realized that most people are not fully aware of the gravity of the violence that is going on toward the animals by the industry. I thought I needed to do something about it, so I wrote a petition against drug testing on animals. There might be similar petitions like mine already out there, but I felt compelled to write my own. It needs 100- thousands signatures, according to my son’s history teacher, to be reviewed in the congress.

Now I have begun to understand the notion of “democracy.” If we don’t talk, vote and share, things will not change.


Petition: Stop drug testing on animals

The videos about drug testing on animals are harsh to watch. In one, part of a dog’s skin is burned to test a burn medication. When the dog screams from pain, the humans in charge laugh, because they have become desensitized. Sometimes, the animal’s vocal cord is cut to prevent him from screaming. In the same video, a doctor says there’s no need for animal testing. If the founding fathers of America were alive, they would make the necessary changes in the laws to ban the torture of animals in the name of science or profit. If abusing animals is illegal for individuals, the pharmaceutical companies and any cooperation which do animal testing should be held accountable. Animal Testing needs to be stopped.

That’s why I created a petition to Libby Schaaf, Sam Liccardo, Mary lo, Assembly Member Brian Maienschein (CA-77), Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian (CA-46), The California State House, The California State Senate, Governor Jerry Brown, Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13), The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump, which says:


“Stop drug testing on animals”

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