Cancer cure for dummies

Cancer cure for dummies

We shouldn’t be a doctor to observe that since the primitive age, living creatures has survived by eating food. Food is our fuel. And the fact that human has not been extinct means food is our medicine.

Once I heard the speech of the Nutritional pharmacist Benjamin Fuchs, in “The Truth About Cancer” event, which I never forgot. He explained the reason behind illness this way:

In a cellular level, illnesses, including cancer are the result of damaged cells. Cells are damaged under three conditions:

  1. When they starve nutrition.
  2. When they become toxic.
  3. When they lack oxygen.

Fuchs’s speech made a lot of sense to me. Because we live in the world that what we eat is not a real food, but a combination of strange ingredients that look like food, it’s not surprising our cells become depleted with nutrition. If we add the toxicity from the environment, such as pesticides, contaminated water, greenhouse gases from factories, etc., we create an ideal condition for our cells to lack nutrition, become toxic and suffocate from lack of proper oxygen.

He then added that no medication has been created so far to repair a damaged cell. Only nutrition, designed by nature, can be absorbed in the cell and reverse the damage.

So, a serious NUTRITION intake from what nature has offered to us-that is plant based diet- is the default strategy for cure when we become sick.

To AVOID more TOXICITY, the diet should come from an organic source.

But cancer news shakes us emotionally. We become scared, confused, helpless and alone. That makes the decision making process difficult. Logically you want to be in the hands of a doctor who you believe can help you and Nutrition appears “too-little and too-weak” solution. Here is a tip for that:

According to Dr. John McDougnall, a tumor is the result of the division of one cancerous cell into many others. A tumor with a size of 1 mm contains about 1,000,000 cells. A tumor with a size of 1 cm (½ inch) has one billion cells in itself. When the tumor reaches to 10 cm (4 inches), he says, “It will kill you.” But he adds that cancer growth takes place very slowly and it would take many years for one cancerous cell to become deadly.

Based on the evidence above that cancer don’t kill you right away, you shouldn’t panic when you hear you have cancer. Instead, take some time off to educate yourself about the healing approach and regardless of what method you would choose, begin loading your body with nutrient-dense plant based food. Even and especially when you have a 10 cm tumor, it makes sense to try to repair the cancerous cells with Nutrition knowing medication can’t reverse the damage. Depending on how you feel after a few weeks, you should be able to tell if nutrition has helped you.

Of course, once you follow eating organic, plant based food to heal yourself, you shouldn’t cheat and maintain a strict diet until you can tell if it’s working. With changing diet, you should change your life style too, if you smoke and/or drink, etc.

Nutrition doesn’t have a side effect, so it will not hurt you. You should give it a try.


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